The Competitor

The Competitor


This holster is designed for the stand & shoot or the run & gun competitor. The standard model comes in .093 black kydex, open sights, and is placed on a Blade-Tech drop & offset mount with a tek-lok attachment.  This holster is equipped with tensioners to adjust passive retention.

Retention options are available at an additional cost, as well as, a variety of colors (.093 ), site exposure options, and clip/mount attachments.  CHARLIE MIKE TACTICAL SOLUTIONS MAY CONTACT YOU FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS.  If you are looking for a holster with an auto hood style retention, please check out our duty holster.

Competition holsters are made in .093 kydex if possible, but not all patterns and colors come in .093.  Please refer to the Color Swatch tab to see availability.  We recommend .093 for durability, especially when used in competition type settings.  If you do not want .093 and would rather have .080, please make sure to check the necessary boxes while building your holster.


If you don't see a specific light/laser in the drop down menu for lights

        1) Check Inventory tab to see if your light is available

        2) Check the firearm list, some lights are attached to our firearm molds, so the light may not be in the light drop down menu, but will show up with the firearm.)


When selecting a pattern,  swatches with a centered picture, like the Spartan, Skull, Thin Blue Line, etc... these patterns will be in the bend of the holster, please check the "Inside the Waistband" gallery (since competition holsters have a fold over style like an IWB) before ordering to ensure you like how those patterns are displayed.  If you would like it to be centered on the non clip side, please email us, we will place a special order for the print.