Outside the Waistband (Standard)

Outside the Waistband (Standard)


The OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND holster is a slender holster that contours to the wearer's hip, making it easily concealable.  This holster is 2 pieces of kydex riveted together and vacuum pressed.  This holster is constructed out of a sturdy .08 Kydex and the standard model comes in black, equipped with standard belt loops, with a 0 degree cant, and sweat guard.

If you are looking for more mounting options, check out The Competitor holster!!   



If you don't see a specific light/laser in the drop down menu for lights

        1) Check Inventory tab to see if your light is available

        2) Some firearms have specific light/laser attachments, and will be available when selecting your firearm


        1) Refer to the Picture Gallery for examples of different Cut Styles like Straight, Sport, Arched, Rounded, etc..

         2) Tensioners:  Gives the ability to tighten or loosen the retention of the holster as needed.  WE RECOMMEND YOU SELECT NO TENSIONERS WHEN ADDING A LIGHT/LASER TO YOUR HOLSTER.