Inside The Waisband (HIDE)

Inside The Waisband (HIDE)


The Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster, is an extremely low profile, slim, concealment holster with a built-in tensioner.  The standard model comes in black kydex, with a standard IWB clip (1.50" or 1.75").  Customers can change features, such as light/laser options, color and clip attachment for an additional cost. 


The Pistol Mag Clip option, gives you the ability to adjust the cant and is a great/recommended option for smaller firearms.  If you don't see a light you want in our list, check the Weapon Model list, some firearms come with certain light/laser attachments  If you are looking for an IWB with a J-Clip, please look at "The Undercover (Tuckable) Holster!

The Ulti-Clip is an excellent option for those who may not wear a belt, or want to carry in a pocket, bag, or purse.  It has a strong clasping mechanism. We do have an XL Ulti Clip for larger firearms. 



If you don't see a specific light/laser in the drop down menu for lights

        1) Check Inventory tab to see if your light is available

        2) Check the firearm list, some lights are attached to our firearm molds, so the light may not be in the light drop down menu, but will show up with the firearm.)


         1) Swatches with a centered picture, like the Spartan, Skull, Thin Blue Line, etc... these patterns will be in the bend of the holster, please check the "Inside the Waistband" gallery before ordering to ensure you like how those patterns are displayed. If you want a centered image, please email us, we will need to place a custom print.