Duty Holster (ON THE JOB)

Duty Holster (ON THE JOB)


The Duty (ON THE JOB) Holster is constructed of sturdy .093 Black Kydex (standard option), set on a Blade Tech Duty Mount (standard option), with a Blade-Tech Auto Hood.  A light bearing model is available at additional cost, as well as, different mount and color options (.093 colors/patterns only, please see .093 color list on swatch tab).  Email us if you would like to use an attachment/mount that you don't see, we will see what we can do for you!!  We sometimes experience a delay in the delivery of some mounting systems, Charlie Mike will always reach out to you to let you know if your holster delivery will be slightly extended. 

The Duty (ON THE JOB) holster has been battle tested and proven to be effective in the line of duty.


If you don't see a specific light/laser in the drop down menu for lights

        1) Check Inventory tab to see if your light is available

        2) Check the firearm list, some lights are attached to our firearm molds, so the light may not be in the light drop down menu, but will show up with the firearm

ATTENTION:   Even though this holster has been approved by an undisclosed police department, all service members should check with their department's specific regulations before wearing this holster on duty.  Charlie Mike Tactical Solutions WILL NOT be held accountable for any departmental issues / incidents involving this holster. 

Duty Holster Policy:  Charlie Mike Tactical Solutions does not provide returns.  Charlie Mike Tactical Solutions will make minor adjustments for the lifetime of the holster  (replace screws, spacers, minor molding adjustments) .  We will replace major breaks for up to one year from purchase date of your holster, proof of purchase must be provided and broken holster must be returned.